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Engineered Timber Products Career Paths

Maryborough, Rocklea, Virginia

Sector Activities

Our Engineered Timber Products plants undertake a range of activities including:

  • - Manufacturing glue laminated Hyne Beam 17C, Hyne
       Beam 18C and Hyne Beam 21C
  • - Manufacturing Hyne I-Beam
  • - Manufacturing Hyne LGL
  • - Undertaking Commercial Projects

Operational Jobs and Careers

Job rotation and multi-skilling of employees is common practice. Work is generally carried out under cover, though some work areas can be noisy. Operational level jobs include:

  • - Dressing timber
  • - Forklift Operation
  • - Cutting material using computer programmed machinery
  • - Glue application for laminating boards

Training and Skill Development

Formal training through specialised providers is available for various aspects of timber manufacturing, in combination with on-the-job learning. Entry level employees are sometimes engaged through traineeships.

Timber manufacturing product qualifications range from Certificate II through to Diploma in Forest and Forest Products.

Example Jobs

Jobs available at Certificate 3 level include:

  • - Laminating Boards
  • - Machining Beams
  • - Quality Control
  • - Health, Safety, Environment
  • - Equipment Operator (Forklift/crane)
  • - Preparation of glues and resins


Traditional Trades represented in this sector include:

  • - Wood Machinist

Other trade areas include:

  • - Maintenance Fitter
  • - Maintenance Electricial

Higher Level Jobs

Roles at management level require Certificate IV, or Diploma qualifications. Functions include:

  • - Supervision and line management
  • - Marketing and Sales management
  • - OH & S
  • - Financial Management
  • - Business Management